CAUTION GRAFFIC Christian girl publicly executed by Bharatiya Janata Party 13 JUN 2023


Shocking footage of Kuki Christian girl being attacked and shot dead in manipur This is sickening and sad truth of how Manipur is changing under the rule of a fascist government This is the dictatorship of the Bharatiya Janata Party If we don't agree, another nation could be born tomorrow.


in detail

In Manipur state in northeastern India, violence against the Kuki tribe, which is predominantly Christian, has intensified since May despite military intervention. The conflict has claimed eight more lives recently and injured 29 people.

As of early September, 131 Kuki Christian people have been killed, and over 200 villages and 360 churches have been burned or destroyed. According to an English news site called “The Print,” the recent clashes occurred near the border between Bishnupur district, where the majority-Hindu Meitei people live, and Churachandpur district, where the Kuki people live.

Four people from each tribe were killed in the recent violence. Kuki leaders told the US Christian media “Christian Post” that Meitei people are only killed when they invade Kuki areas and start life-threatening attacks. The court has ordered the Manipur government to extend special economic benefits and allocations that were previously reserved for the Kuki minority to the Meitei majority, causing controversy.

The court’s order also includes granting Meitei people the right to purchase land in the hilly areas where Kuki people live. The Indian government has deployed about 50,000 troops, armed police, and security personnel to strengthen security in buffer zones between tribes. However, despite these measures, rioters have looted more than 4,000 guns and over 500,000 rounds of ammunition from state police in Manipur.
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CAUTION GRAFFIC クリスチャン少女を公開処刑 インド人民党


マニプールでクキ・クリスチャンの少女が襲撃され射殺された衝撃的な映像 これはマニプールがファシスト政府の支配下で変わりつつあることを示す、うんざりする悲しい真実です これはインド人民党の独裁政権です きょう同意しなければ 明日には別の国家が誕生する可能性があります


この動画は 2023年6月19日現地時間13:56 撮像された

インド北東部で部族間対立続く、キリスト教部族の死者131人に 360教会が被害





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2回目のPRADO プラド美術館

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Almost got my breakfast stolen by a Lufthansa flight attendant SEP24 2023 LH174 for BER

Almost got my breakfast stolen by a Lufthansa flight attendant

SEP24 2023 LH174 for BER
Do they want the passengers' breakfast that badly?

In Business class, a 20-something blonde-haired, 165 cm tall, slightly overweight flight attendant approached me, speaking incredibly fast in English, asking if I needed breakfast despite how sleepy I looked.

I was confused and waited for my meal but it never came. Three other sleepy passengers in C class were left meal-less too. I asked the same flight attendant twice for food but she ignored me.

I went to another, black-haired 40-something flight attendant who immediately brought me freshly baked bread and yogurt breakfast while making excuses that she thought I slept through breakfast.

This astonishing incident happened on LH174 that took off from Frankfurt at 7 am on SEP24 2023. Lufthansa should make sure their flight attendants eat before working and it is unacceptable to take away the passengers' food for themselves.

I remember the racist incident with Mr. Schmit, a flight staff member, on LH717 on MAY22 2023 when he suggested that I switch to a Japanese meal because there was no more beef dish while two German passengers behind me were eating beef.
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LH174 ベルリン行き FRA nach BERで食事盗られそうに

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