BBC 「北朝鮮情勢について質問します」 → 南朝鮮大統領 「ぜんぶ日本が悪い」

2013年11月6日深夜 ジョニ 風呂上りにBBCのinterviewを テレビで観ていて久しぶりに笑えた

いつまで 反日を煽って国内外の失政から南朝鮮South Korea国民の目をそらしつづけるつもりなのか

北朝鮮の核軍縮の解決方法をBBC記者に訪ねられた南朝鮮South Koreaの大統領 Park Geun-hye


President Park Geun-hye told the BBC she saw no point in a summit with the Japanese leader unless the country apologised for war-time "wrongdoings".

大統領パクは 北朝鮮との懸案事項の解決にあたり 日本が関係6カ国協議のまえに 先の大戦のときの 『日本が南朝鮮にやったこと』への謝罪がまず必要 



とにかく日本の気を引いて『日本にかまってもらいたい』病がまたもや はびこり始めたのか

これには日本の親韓勢力 リベラルでさえ呆れ果てるしかない

この会見はパク大統領が渡欧する直前、英外相 Hon William Hague ヘイグ氏との会見のまえにセットされたものだが

BBC続報では ヘイグ氏にも大統領パクは 

北朝鮮との懸案事項の解決にあたり 日本が関係6カ国協議のまえに 先の大戦のときの 『南朝鮮にやったこと』への謝罪がまず必要


このときの英国外務省高官たちや外相の驚き呆れ 肩をすくめる様子をテレビカメラは捕えている


South Korea's president has highlighted a deep rift with Japan, as the region struggles to rein in North Korea's growing nuclear capability.

朝鮮半島における政治情勢の安定に向けていかにして 北朝鮮の核兵器の保有と行使をコントロールすべきか

をBBCの女性記者がSouth Korea南朝鮮の大統領に質問したところ 日本が南朝鮮との関係断裂のせいだ と強調

President Park Geun-hye told the BBC she saw no point in a summit with the Japanese leader unless the country apologised for war-time "wrongdoings".

大統領パクは 北朝鮮との懸案事項の解決にあたり 日本が関係6カ国協議のまえに 先の大戦のときの 『南朝鮮にやったこと』への謝罪がまず必要 との考えをBBCに述べた

Concern over regional security has grown in the past year, following North Korea's third nuclear test in February.

Ms Park said nations had to break the "vicious cycle" of Pyongyang's actions.

She said her country would take "firm and unremitting action" in response to any military provocation from North Korea.

平壌の毎度おなじみの 核をちらつかせての 援助引き出し のサイクルを断ち切るべき ともパク大統領は言う

The South Korean president was speaking to the BBC ahead of a visit to the UK, which begins this week.

Park Geun-hye took office in February with a promise to revamp the Korean economy and enact a "trust-building" process with the North.

Her government reached an early agreement with Pyongyang to reopen a jointly-run industrial park at Kaesong, but further agreements - including a plan to reunite families separated by the Korean War - have not been honoured by the North.

パク大統領の2013年2月の就任以来 南朝鮮の経済を再興し、朝鮮戦争を原因に生じた家族離散問題への早期解決を北朝鮮と話し合う との宣言は北朝鮮によって反故にされた

All of which makes South Korea's current relationship with Japan all the more striking. Eight months after taking office, Ms Park has still not met her neighbour and fellow US ally, and talk of a summit, she said, was still premature.


"The fact is there are certain issues that complicate [that relationship]" she said. "One example is the issue of the comfort women. These are women who have spent their blossoming years in hardship and suffering, and spent the rest of their life in ruins."

"And none of these cases have been resolved or addressed; the Japanese have not changed any of their positions with regard to this. If Japan continues to stick to the same historical perceptions and repeat its past comments, then what purpose would a summit serve? Perhaps it would be better not to have one."


『comfort women従軍慰安婦の問題があります 日本政府が旧態の歴史観念に固執し、過ちを繰り返しています このことを謝罪しないかぎり日本との首脳会談はありえません』

Japan's war-time use of military sex slaves, or "comfort women", draws great public anger here, as does its claim over the rocky islet of Dokdo (known as Takeshima in Japan), which lies in the waters between the two nations.

Tokyo's new assertiveness on these kinds of issues is causing ripples with others in the region too, and with North Korea edging ever-closer to a deliverable nuclear weapons, regional co-operation - or lack of it - could carry real consequences.


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